Episode Three

The Corrosion of Morality at Ford Motor Company

Lanny J. Davis Announces Third Episode of Podcast Series — “To Catch a Thief 

Episode Three: The Corrosion of Morality at Ford Motor Company

Versata Alleges Its Software Was Stolen by Ford and then covered it up 

Washington, D.C., February 23, 2018: — Versata launched its third podcast in a series of podcasts aimed at setting the record straight concerning Ford’s alleged lies, theft, and cover-up in the theft of Versata’s valuable software, which saved Ford over $1 billion.  This is the third podcast in a series titled, “To Catch A Thief” which is available on the Versata-created website, “TheTruthAboutFord.com.”

In this episode, Versata attorney Lanny J. Davis demonstrates Versata’s belief that there has been “corroding morality” at Ford Motor Company. Davis states, “A corrosion that one sees in the way [Ford] treated its female Chicago factory workers, as spelled out on the front page of the New York Times, and in the way it does business with its partners and vendors.”

Since Versata is unable to file defamation lawsuits against Ford for the false statements made in Ford’s legal papers, which have absolute immunity from defamation suits, Davis explained that the podcasts were the only remedy available to Versata to “set the record straight…to tell the truth.”

In this podcast, Davis offered examples of Ford’s lies.  The first was when Ford managers explicitly promised Versata that individuals at Ford who had access to Versata’s software would be “walled off” from those working on a substitute version of the software at Ford.  Versata relied on Ford to honor this commitment to create this “Chinese Wall” to protect their valuable trade secrets.

Yet Versata lawyers discovered from Ford’s own documents that the promise of the “Chinese Wall” was a lie.  Ford found that dozens of Ford personnel who got access to Versata’s software and trade secrets were also involved in the secret operation, “behind closed doors and Versata’s back,” to create the substitute version.

“Ask yourself,” Davis said in the podcast. “Is it possible to put a ‘Chinese Wall’ inside your brain – with one side that knows about the trade secrets and the other side not?”

Davis continued, “Even Ford had to admit this is impossible.  When [Versata] asked Ford under oath whether Ford personnel who had access to Versata trade secrets and manuals could wall off that knowledge when they were creating a substitute version, they admitted that since they used the software and looked at manuals, their knowledge of the trade secrets would remain part of their memory.”

The podcast can be heard in its entirety here. Also go to the http://www.truthaboutford.com/to-catch-a-thief/  to hear the previous podcasts.

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