Episode Seven


“It’s time for Ms. Ford, who served on key oversight committee during the theft of Versata’s software, to take responsibility on behalf of the company that bears her name and apologize,” Deitl said.


DETROIT, MICHIGAN, May 8 – In a sequel to last week’s podcast on Ford Motor Company’s false charges against the famous New York City ex-cop, Bo Dietl, and his investigators, Dietl once again called on Ford executive Elena Ford, to step up and, “on behalf of the company that bears your name, to apologize to me and my men for falsely accusing us of ‘barging’ into a private home ‘uninvited’ – which, if true, would constitute criminal trespass.”

Dietl pointed out that Elena Ford served for a time on the company’s senior management “EPIC” committee, which oversaw technology developments at the company at the same time that, Versata alleges, its valuable software and trade secrets, worth over $1 billion in benefits to Ford, were stolen by Ford Motor Company. Last year, with the help of Versata, Dietl ran two full page ads in the Wall Street Journal referring to a letter he sent to Ms. Ford asking her to apologize on behalf of Ford to him and his men.

He never heard back from Elena Ford.  “I am again giving Ms. Elena Ford and the company notice,” Dietl continued in the podcast. “While I am not allowed to sue for defamation in a court of law, because the rules protect lies filed in court papers, I will continue to fight to clear our reputation in the court of public opinion.  And I won’t give up until Ford retracts its lies and apologizes.”

Also on the podcast, one of the investigators, Tim Gilbert, referred to his sworn affidavit denying Ford’s false charges.  “I don’t swear to a statement unless it is true – that we knocked on the door, asked permission to enter, took off our shoes off out of respect for the culture of the individuals whom we knew lived in the home, and then asked to speak to the lady, telling her she did not have to talk to us if she was a Ford employee.”  When asked why he thought Ford made these false charges, Gilbert said: “To stop our investigation, which they successfully did.  They should be ashamed of themselves for lying about me and my partner in the way we conducted ourselves and falsely accusing us of being, in effect, thugs and criminal trespassers.”

During her sworn deposition, the individual contractor questioned by Gilbert also admitted that the draft affidavit she was given by a Ford attorney agreeing with Ford’s false charges was “inaccurate.”

The full podcast can be heard at, www.truthaboutford.com  as well as all the other podcasts in the series produced by Versata, “To Catch a Thief: The Story of Ford Motor Company Stealing $1 Billion in Trade Secrets from Versata.”


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