10 Questions for Ford

  1. Do you deny that Versata’s ACM product saved Ford Motor Company hundreds of millions of dollars per year?
  2. Do you agree that you were charged an annual flat fee for the ACM software license for 10 years – during which same period you annually increased the price of Ford products?
  3. Do you deny contract renewal negotiations broke down only after Ford refused to counter Versata’s request for a modest 13% price increase in the annual fee including granting Ford price protection for five full years?
  4. Do you deny that Ford sent a check around normal channels directly to Versata’s purchasing department immediately after negotiations broke down in an effort to trick them into cashing the check and thereby gain a one-year contract renewal at the former price through subterfuge? Do you deny you also tried this same sham with an unrequested purchase order?
  5. Do you deny that you lured Versata to a meeting in Dearborn, December 19, 2014 under the false pretense that the meeting was to resolve a contract dispute after your attempt to trick Versata into renewing the contract for one year failed?
  6. Do you deny you advised Versata for the first time December 19, 2014 that you created a replacement product for ACM and that you lied when you stated the product was created by a completely separate work group that did not include anyone with direct ACM knowledge and when you confirmed a “Chinese Wall” was in place?
  7. Did you ever inform Versata between 2010 -14 while you were using its patented ACM software and protected confidential information that you had a secret team trying to invent software that would perform similar product development configuration functions as ACM?
  8. Did you ever inform Versata during this four year period that this secret team was being supervised by the same man who worked most closely with ACM, its patented code, its application code, and its associated protected confidential information?
  9. Do you deny that Ford’s patent application for its proposed “new” replacement software for ACM was derived, in whole or in part, from Versata’s ACM software? If so, why did you try to trick them into renewing your contract for one year?
  10. Why did you violate locate rules, which were known to your lawyers, when you filed a secret, “sealed” complaint in Michigan federal court? And why did you decide to keep it “sealed” – why not make it public? What were you trying to hide?