Law360, New York (October 13, 2015, 4:17 PM ET) — Private detective and television personality Bo Dietl told a federal judge Friday that his investigative company has been slandered by Ford Motor Corp. in the automaker’s ongoing patent and trade secrets case with Texas-based Versata Software Inc.

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There are some lawyers who, when asked to comment on litigation, reply with a slight sneer, “We don’t intend to try our case in the media.” And there are others who seem to like nothing more—because sometimes, the court of public opinion is exactly the right forum for a dispute. Case in point: a press conference on Friday by Lanny Davis and his client, former New York City police detective Richard “Bo” Dietl.

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Attorney Lanny J. Davis files motion in Michigan federal court representing renowned investigator Beau Dietl and former police officers

Filing says there is serious danger to the former law enforcement officers’ reputations, and that Ford’s lies existing on the Internet are the equivalent of a “ticking time bomb”

New York, NY (October 9, 2015) – In a motion filed Thursday in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, Beau Dietl & Associates (“BD&A”) accuses Ford Motor Company (“Ford”) of defaming and lying about Beau Dietl and his accomplished team of investigators, including former Detroit and New York City police officers. Dietl and his attorneys – Lanny J. Davis of Washington, D.C. and Martha J. Olijnyk of Rochester, Michigan – are asking Ford to withdraw its lies and apologize.

In a case involving Versata Software Company (“Versata”) and Ford, Bo Dietl and his investigators interviewed witnesses as part of their investigative process. In response, Ford prepared affidavits in an effort to block the investigation. These affidavits contain false accusations of criminal conduct, and unprofessional and thuggish behavior – all of which pose a serious threat to the former law enforcement officers’ reputations, and to BD&A’s business. BD&A explored various legal options, and after lengthy consideration finally decided that this was the only option.

Dietl’s Motion states: “[We] were doing [our] job, professionally, respectfully and properly. In return, Ford has made scurrilous and defamatory accusations, under the shield of ‘litigation.’ It continued, “Ford was involved in the drafting of witness declarations, which accused highly decorated former police officers of criminal conduct, such as trespass … Ford should apologize to the former law enforcement officials and withdraw their lies.”

The filing is named “Motion for Equitable Relief Striking or Expunging Scandalous Material from the Record and for a Finding of Falsity of the Material.” “Ford is cloaking character assassination in the guise of a legal pleading in order to protect itself from defamation,” Dietl said in a national telephonic press conference held today. “These affidavits are a ticking time bomb to our reputation, and they could be fatal to our continued business if left uncorrected.”

The Motion further described the primary issue in the very first paragraph, stating:

“Ford Motor Company falsely accused [the decorated former law enforcement officers] of thuggish and unprofessional behavior in the materials it filed in this lawsuit. [We] have strong professional and personal interests in removing the stain on their reputations created by Ford’s false accusations.  These accusations, which are accessible to the public over the internet, have the potential to cause serious professional and economic harm. Indeed, if Ford had made these accusations outside the courtroom, they would constitute defamation per se.”

To clear their reputations, BD&A is asking the Court to hold a public hearing on the evidence behind these accusations and, after hearing the evidence, to expunge the record.

“These filings against Beau Dietl and his team are yet another example of the ongoing pattern of trickery, deception, and lies by Ford Motor Company,” said Davis. “We will not stand for defamatory comments against good, honest professionals – whether they are deceptively hidden behind the shield of a legal pleading or not.”

This is in reference to case number 15-10628, Ford Motor Company v. Versata Software, Inc. and Richard Bo Dietl et al, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

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